Here are 5-holiday tips to keep you healthy during this holiday season. Being health conscious and mindful of your physical and mental health. Following these rules ensures that you'll not only have a fun holiday but a safe and less stressful lead into the New Year!


Water is often one of the last things we think about when we get busy. However it can be one of our most important things we do throughout the day! You'll help support your body's digestive processes and metabolic balance, prevent fatigue and mood swings, feel less hungry and lubricate your joints and tissue when you stay hydrated. I suggest carrying a water bottle that you know how many time you need to drink it with in a day. Chugging is no fun:) by carrying it with you, you can sip throughout the day.


We can get so caught up with being busy this time of year that it is often easier to not eat than eat what is right. Continue to eat often, don't let your metabolism drop. Continue to make sure you get your protein, balance that blood sugar and keep your metabolism and immune system working well. And eat your veggies! The fiber in green veggies will help keep all that rich food moving through your digestive system, provide you with vitamins and micronutrients to keep your immune system strong, your brain sharp, and your body healthy. Try working some greens into your protein smoothie or you can eat a few handfuls of mixed greens, baby spinach or romaine to give your body some roughage. A great thing to do if you can't stop craving sweets, or have just totally overindulged on candy lol - try it! It will help stop the cravings and help your body process the seasonal fun foods.


Anytime you are getting out of your routine, it is important to prepare to stay on target. Prepping and taking portable healthy foods to make sure your not dependant on what everyone else is doing is crucial. Guess what, they won't be doing what your doing and if you don't take it, you'll be stuck with what they have.... Preparation is key to success. Always have nuts, protein shakes, sliced fruit etc. with you to curb those cravings and keep that metabolism up.


There are so many healthier options out there and I have a bunch! This will give you something you know you can eat and enjoy without guilt. Fun fact, it often excited others as they say they had never thought about those combinations and actually really enjoy them. It also let you save room for those foods you have looked forward to all year:)


Come into the holidays knowing that a great part of life is experiences and celebrations together with those we love. We don't want to miss that. Instead come in with a plan to give your self permission to enjoy yourself for that special meal. Eat right up to it, get right back on it when your done. Don't beat yourself up if you don't do a workout. Enjoy the people you love and your holiday time. It is often the expectation of perfection that drives us to quit all together. Don't miss out on today! Persistence, not perfection. Happy Holidays everyone!