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Meet the Team

The Owner

Sarah Pawlicki

Owner Sarah has been a trainer for over 20nyears. She is a certified personal trainer, health coach, Strength training coach, sports nutrition, Secon Degree Black Belt instructor in Krav Maga, Tae Kwan Do Black belt, and Instructor at NAU. She has made the study of metabolism and rebuilding it her specialty! She is an expert at what it takes to lose weight and maintain that loss for life. If you are willing to stop looking for the quick fix and instead work towards the lasting fix, she can help. She has taken many women and men to their absolute best; from bodybuilding, bikini shows, to weddings, and what ever your goals are, she can get your body ready. Booties don't build themselves. She focuses on each person as a whole, their mentality, their bodies, their life. She has many clients that she has helped along their rehabilitation process with excelent results. How can she help you to be your best? Come find out. She is also passionate about self defense. She is an advanced Krav Maga instructor that wants to help you to be safe. She is a model, speaker, writer and more! for more info,

The Coaches

Ethan Pearlstein

Coach Ethan is a certified Krav Maga Alliance instructor and advanced level student. He teaches classes that are energetic, brings people together, makes them feel comfortable and motivates them to continue. His love of Krav Maga and attention to detail, is a bonus to anyone that is looking for a patient, supportive, coach with experience. He is also a fantastic one on one fight coach.

Marisa Bartek

Health Coach/Personal Trainer Marisa picked up her first weight in high school when she only thought conditioning for sports mattered the most. As time went on, living an overall healthy lifestyle became more important. It wasn’t until her sophomore year at NAU, she had her first certified personal trainer and began to learn proper technique and form to become a bodybuilder. She was a visionary, going onto competing in three NPC bikini competitions, placing in every show. The love for the sport drove her to become more empowered by facing some of her biggest insecurities. Marisa has learned more about mental health and how to prioritize health and wellness over appearance. Since competing, Marisa has spent valuable time and effort striving to become the best individual she can be, physically and mentally. She has changed how she communicates fitness and health and was re-invigorated with a new sense of purpose. Over time she has continued her knowledge to become a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Coach through NASM. Marisa hopes to support and inspire others on how to become mindful of their own bodies and how impactful it is to practice self awareness, self love, as well as longevity.

Faith Pawlicki

Coach Faith has literally grown up doing Krav Maga. She is a Young Warriors Black Belt and advanced Krav Maga student. She has had her picture used around the world showing the power a child can have in an active shooter scenario. Faith is a level one Krav Maga instructor and teaches our women's seminars, Young Warriors classes as well as instructs in our camps. She is energetic and excited to help your little one learn and grow!