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They are the best!

21 October 2020

After many years of dealing with lower limb disability and trying to get in shape, I met with Sarah (in November 2016),who developed a serious workout and training program that was custom to my situation. After only a few sessions I was not only more comfortable in the gym, I was more comfortable in my body. 2 months ago, (September 2017) I was in a car accident that left me paraplegic. As soon as I was able, I entered physical rehab and began to learn how to walk again. My recovery according to my doctors was “remarkable ” I owe it to Sarah and Build Your Own Body, because all I did was use the techniques, discipline, and positive thinking that Sarah and the Build Your Own Body team instilled in me during workout sessions. Today I am back at my gym, continuing my workouts on my own and feeling better every day. If you want confidence in your body and mind and to be ready for whatever physical or mental challenges you might face in life, go see Sarah and the Build Your Own Body team. They are the best!

David Wood

Hands down the best place in Flagstaff!

21 October 2020

I trained with Sarah for 2 years and she helped me with my first competition. The Build Your Own Body team truly care about people and they know their stuff! Hands down the best place in Flagstaff!

Shelley Chaddock

They are the real deal!

21 October 2020

They are the real deal! They genuinely love people and love what they do!! I would say don’t go anywhere else in town for your fitness needs-BYOB is it.

Daniel Williamson

thank you for a great program.

21 October 2020

My daughter has LOVED every moment at summer camp. 2nd day in and I heard nonstop for the past 3 hours about how great it is and all she is learning about: first aid, survival, and even down to if a lock down situation happens at school what to do. She is learning life skills and LOVING it! Plus I got a thank you from her for signing her up! So thank you for a great program.

K-k louise

These guys are worth it.

21 October 2020

Good people, good knowledge, and just cool fun classes. Would highly recommend to anyone even if you have to drive a little. These guys are worth it.

Charley Powel

Instructors are amazing

21 October 2020

Instructors are amazing and you learn Day 1 techniques you can use immediately. Hands on they demonstrate the moves then you do it.

Kelly Gappa

I would recommend to anyone

21 October 2020

Helpful instructors, practical applications and effective easy to learn techniques! I would recommend to anyone.

Jeremiah Cummings

Thank you!

21 October 2020

Krav Maga was an absolute amazing experience! I attended with my sorority sisters tonight and I’m glad that my sisters and I at least have an idea of how to defend ourselves in a situation I hope never happens, but is extremely important to prepare for. They were great instructors. Thank you!

Cassie Lyn

Stephanie Dann

21 October 2020

We love Flagstaff Krav!!!! Great coaches and owners. Will keep going back again and again. My daughter is learning so much!

Stephanie Dann

Above and beyond is the theme here.

21 August 2020

I worked with Sarah for years! She is amazingly positive and gets great results. No gimmicks just making fitness fun. Sarah even helped my daughter with her stamina for her black belt test! Above and beyond is the theme here.

Tasha Morrison