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Flagstaff Krav Maga's Great Youth & Training Options

For kids and teens!


Young Warriors Krav Maga

Ages: 6 to 13 | Cost: $69 per month, per youth or $119 for two.

For each additional youth family member, add $50 per month. Ask about full-family discounts.

Young Warriors, focuses on teaching your youth and our next generation the importance of self-confidence and respect for their parents, teachers, and guardians. Krav Maga, for youth, will teach them discipline, situational awareness, and how to defend themselves, in order to keep them safe at school, on the streets, and in public venues. Our instructors will give them the skills they need to move into our adult Krav Maga self-defense program. If you are looking for an outstanding program that will not only get your child in shape but help in shaping their future, this program is for you. Young Warriors will advance in rank based upon hard work in training, school work, and positive influence around their household and community. Currently, classes are scheduled from 4:30pm - 5:15pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. More classes opening up soon and summer camps are also available.

Get in touch to find out more.

Super Hero Training

Kids are our future! We need to train them so they have all the skills amd strength necessary to succeed.

Super Hero Training is our answer to the need for movement and training of our youth. They no longer have the physical training they need; the muscular coordination development, or the self-confidence. When you have children, you want them to have access to opportunities and skills. We designed a unique program specifically containing everything that you want them to learn. We designed it and we call it, Super Hero Training. Our program contains the fitness and strength moves that all children should have as well as Krav Maga self-defense, survival, and life skills. If you want your child to be strong, confident, and prepared to succeed in life, we have the training for them! Custom plans available. Summer camp schedule will be available soon!

Youth Sport Specific training!

When working with kids, it is important to engage and excite them! Their health and fitness depend on it. Whether your child is active in a specific sport or just needs to get moving, our programs are for you. It is important for our youth to engage in fun and challenging fitness activities. We use games, relay races, and safe exercises, teach your children crucial fitness techniques that will last them a lifetime! You will see them improve their balance, strength, functional movement, and overall confidence. If your child needs, strength, speed, power, or self-defense... we have a program for them. Contact us today!

Summer survival training camps!

Our Summer camps are amazing! We are sold out ahead of time and kids begging to come back! Our week long camps cover Krav Maga Self Defense, Outdoor survival skills, important CPR and First aid techniques, athletics, martial arts, developmental skills and many other amazing life saveing and entertaining events. Best of all, they are fun! If you want an unforgettable experience that will change their lives for the better, we would love to have your kids in our camps or our programs. Ages 7-14

2021 camps will be announced!

Hours are 8-14. Price is only $250 a week for full day experience. Multiple week and multiple child discount available. For registration form, please Email us at